Call to action online dating profile

09-Jun-2020 03:47

The button is also right next to the image so it’s really easy for people to see and click on it if they like the look of the product.Dropbox has gone for a blue button, which fits with its brand colours but also happens to stand out really well against the simplistic white background.Sports Direct has opted for a large green button that contrasts nicely with the page around it. This call to action on the Firebox product pages is placed nice and high above the main text and just below the price and product name.Firebox has opted for a slightly less garish colour that fits with the rest of its brand, but the button still contrasts well with the area around it.

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But I also like the way it uses friendly language on the button copy itself and clearly states what you get in return for your click.

Essentially you are giving somebody a nudge in the right direction, like a 21st century version of the guy in the shop saying, ‘Are you ready to pay for that, sir?