C validating close form

25-Feb-2020 05:21

I don't know how to do the last part (preventing the close). However, it would be a better design/user experience to display the validation errors inline (via highlighting the offending fields in some way, displaying tooltips, etc.) and prevent the user from selecting the OK button in the first place.Don't use the Form Closing event for this, you'll want to allow the user to dismiss the dialog with either Cancel or clicking the X.private void add File_Form Closing( object sender, Form Closing Event Args e ) { var close Msg = Message Box.

I looked around here and looked at other questions in regards to detecting the close button being pushed and that led me to trying the below.

I want to add validation to the Text Box which will prevent the user from OK-ing the form when validation fails, but which will also allow them to cancel as usual.

The Causes Validation property is True by default on all the controls, but I have changed this to False on the Cancel Button.

It has an OK button and a Cancel button; the OK button also has an event handler.

I want to do some input validation in the event handler and, if it fails, notify the user with a message box and prevent the dialog from closing.In the end I did this programatically as it was simpler than going through all the forms...

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