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13-Nov-2020 07:10

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Stopped playing on medium for fun and moved to heroic.I still don't have the stomach to call Legendary "fun" exactly, but it's a lot more involving and less punishingly repetitive than Halo 2.For the first few weeks, you'll probably experiment with combinations until you settle on a look and armor permutation that you're comfortable with.All of the permutations included have a backstory and a function, and more importantly, a role in the Spartan program.Props I think, to Adrian Perez, but I am sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong.Again, just a cool, thematic almost screen-savery effect, but a lovely one that fits in beautifully with our UI scheme.

We'll have more news about the existence or otherwise of an Elite model fairly soon. Everyone already has a favorite type, but the really interesting fact is that you can mix and match the various pieces from the various sets (and the Gamepro article doesn't contain of them...) with colors, emblems and highlights to create surprisingly unique and virtually limitless iterations.

of June, a few days after it was originally scheduled to bite the bullet.

Followers of the Beta Saga will no doubt remember that the extension was Bungie's way of saying sorry for the initial 10-14 hour delay for Crackdown users.

This morning, for example, somebody (Claude from HBO) pings me and says, "Can you comment on Halo 3 being on two discs? That was somehow communicated to MS retail marketing verbatim. Armor Awe Recently, Gamepro and a couple of newspapers ran features on some of the new Multiplayer stuff coming your way.

One of the things that was almost universally lauded by folks who read the various articles, was the introduction of custom Spartan armor.

Anyone with basic math skills can probably deduce that if we're going to be on shelves in September, and that it takes at least a few weeks to manufacture and ship disks, will be fairly well aware that we can only possibly have a month or two of core work to do on the game itself. Multiplayer is in a very rich state of completion - the MP guys would probably have a conniption if they read that, since they're still working brutally late hours, but the fact is that all the MP maps are pretty much complete in terms of art and geometry, and the process taking place right now is one of tuning and polish.

Additionally, the Spartans were notable for practicing polyandry.… continue reading »

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