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She opened the door so fast it almost fell off its hinges.It was no cosmetics saleswoman, "Principal Snyder..." Buffy gushed.Her tits weren't big, but they were firm and jiggly, bouncing gently as she swayed and rocked them. Buffy blushed with happiness as her hands reached down for the elastic of her shorts, pausing for a second before bringing them down to show her bare, shaven pussy in all its glory, wet and excited by the thought of her lover. " she asked as she paraded in front of him."Whether you should suck my cock before or after I've fucked your ass with it," he responded. She slipped down onto her knees and undid his zip, pulling out his massive manhood.The teen smiled and turned round to wiggle her butt, twerking the delightful derriere at him, before twirling round and sashayed towards him like a stalking puma. It pulsed in her hand as she stroked it, the blood pumping through the veins, engorging them further as she licked it slowly and sexily, her spare hand pulling the pants away to give her room."You really are a slut Summers," he grunted, not telling her anything she didn't know."Only for you Principal Snyder," she clarified, just so he knew that though she was one, she was a one man woman, albeit with three holes (and a couple of hands).She wished she could have another of Ted's cookies, but she'd had two after dinner and Ted wouldn't let her have any more - else they wouldn't be a treat - but she had found whenever they crumbled deliciously in her mouth, the world became a better place. "I'll get it," called Buffy with the enthusiasm of a small child on Christmas morning.

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We want the tropes listed there to be one hundred percent Example — Everybody who doesn't like the work have gotten together, formed a Hatedom and as such share a certain view of the work.She hugged herself closer, using her body to caress his and sliding her hand down to the large mound under his pants, drifting slowly over it and giving him her most sensual smile, "That was a whole two days ago.""You fucked your Mom yesterday," Snyder smiled, or perhaps leered."But that wasn't your big dick," Buffy replied, a little nervously, it just being her luck that Snyder was really over to finish with her.He nodded however, "That's right."Buffy felt her moment, "Do you want to go upstairs to my room?She smiled and moved her hand down to massage his dick inside his pants, "Mmmnnn so big.""All the better to fuck you with," he leered, thinking along the same lines as the blonde Slayer.

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She giggled and stepped back, "Let me get out of my things," she purred and instantly reached up and pulled off her tops.Buffy nodded impatiently as if that could move on time and glanced at her reflection in the mirror next to the sideboard.