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04-Nov-2019 20:49

The term usually refers to the kernel, a mere set of mechanisms that builds up the core functionality.With added userland features and applications like music players, browsers, and, editors; Linux is rolled into various flavors.Free BSD, on the other hand, refers to a whole different Operating System.It’s based on the BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution) systems, developed at the infamous Berkeley Labs.With that in mind, core development on each one is done separately as far as I can tell..Each distro (OS) uses a specific version of said kernel, compiled for their supported platforms.Each distro also configures the non-kernel aspects of itself as it sees fit.

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They have shared history going back to the original BSD but they're not variations of each other the same way Linux distros are.

Free BSD and Net BSD forked from BSD4.4, and then Open BSD from Net BSD if I remember right.

Each develops both their kernel and userland, independently of the other BSDs.

More recently, part of the Meltdown fix in Open BSD was "inspired by Dragon Fly BSD".

Maxime Villard, author of Net BSD's NVMM, also reports bugs in Open BSD's vmm(4), though the 2 kernels use different code.In Linux, the common thread among distros is the kernel, while in BSD/Unix the common thread among OSes is UNIX implementation.