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The following general strategy can be employed in all of the areas: The Dark Chasm of Old in the Shaded Ruins contains four enemies: Dark Pharis, Dark Nameless Usurper (x2), and a Witchtree Spirit (chime).

Pharis, the Nameless Usurper, and the Witchtree appear in the first open area, along with the cauldron.

The player traverses Dark Chasm and defeats these Dark creatures (and brings fire back to the Dark) to awaken and strengthen the dark soul inside of him or her.

While the Dark Chasm of Old sites can be accessed in any order, there appears to be a progression in terms of the difficulty of the enemy phantoms, with easiest to hardest in the following order: Shaded Ruins, Black Gulch, and Drangleic Castle.

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Broadway became one-way from Columbus Circle south to Herald Square (34th Street) on March 10, 1957, in conjunction with Sixth Avenue becoming one-way from Herald Square north to 59th Street and Seventh Avenue becoming one-way from 59th Street south to Times Square (where it crosses Broadway).

I was offered one the day before my flight to Germany, and the rest is history.The Dark Chasm of Old is part of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant quests, and is only accessible to covenant members.After joining the covenant, the player can speak to Darkdiver Grandahl in any of his three locations and offer him a Human Effigy to open a portal into a Dark Chasm of Old.The goal of each Dark Chasm is to defeat all enemies and invading players, light the sconce, and exit through the hole at the end without dying.

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