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25-Sep-2020 10:24

When [Poison] started, the first couple times through [Detroit] we played places like Harpos and a venue called, I think it was called the Ritz.

We played our first time ever there at a place called Blondie's.

Oh, he also makes a point to wish for health and wellness for all people and peace on Earth.

As it turns out, the former Poison frontman might be more akin to a rock 'n' roll Yoda, or one of those motivational posters in a physical therapist's office featuring a guy hanging one-handed from a cliff, than the heavily hairsprayed, rough-and-tumble man who demanded we talk dirty in 1986.

I excel at bridging the gap because lots and lots of people have great ideas. And nine times out of 10 it's never going to be exactly like you dreamed it would be, but sometimes, a lot of times, it's even better. How do you keep things fresh, especially when it comes to a song like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"? I still pick up a pen and a piece of paper and sit at the piano and write the lyrics.

Where the wall comes up is how do you make them become an actuality? You hope that the song hits and catches and you still have to be grounded enough to know that you got to sit down and learn your instrument and then be able to marry the music with the lyrics.

But what makes Michaels closer to Santa Claus than a self-destructing rocker in the pantheon of tabloid fodder (putting aside the time he destroyed a hotel room with Charlie Sheen) is that he admits there's no greater high than giving back.

Case in point: see Michaels' Life Rocks Foundation, which collaborates with other charitable organizations to benefit individuals, families, and causes across the country.

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"I'm one of those guys that I'm just thankful," Michaels says.For me, probably because I'm such a motorcycle fanatic, I think going out and teaching the girls all how to ride dirt bikes and only one of them knew how to ride, and then whoever got to win the race got to go on the date. 26 at Soundboard; 2901 Grand River Ave., Detroit; 313-309-4614;; Tickets start at .

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