Braces and dating

23-Jun-2020 19:18

At 22, after I graduated from college, I asked a dentist at home in Ohio what he thought I should do and he responded, "Your teeth aren't very crooked.

My teeth obviously didn't agree with me about the reason to move and kept shifting.

Many of the mummies had crude metal bands around their teeth, and archaeologists believed catgut may have been tied to these bands to provide pressure to move the teeth.

The Ancient Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans also practiced orthodontia.

A man with a range of achievements listed in the Journal of Advanced Oral Research, he identified the true properties of a malocclusion, or misalignment, and addressed them with an increasingly effective set of orthodontic appliances beginning in 1880.

After marriage, I faced all sorts of self-image doubts and medication weight fluctuations.

I knew I needed braces to correct my crooked jaw/bite, but I didn't know if I could handle the potential self-esteem issues.

Notice I said "potential," not "definite." I realized I was making an important medical decision off of something that "might" be. Thirty-four year old Larissa drags her hubby to Dr.

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Omana's office so he can hear all of the medical jargon. My two other concerns were in regards to my career and my extra-curriculars.

Then these words changed everything, "Your jaw is misaligned Me: "What does that mean? Omana: "Invisalign will only temporarily straighten your top teeth.

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