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06-Aug-2020 21:13

The French term fête-champêtre, meaning 'rural feast', was still in use at the 1780s to describe outdoor meals.

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The 'stealing game' meaning is pretty obviously connected with putting game into bags.

In Pokinometry, we have taken Poke and made it customizable.

Combined with a large variety of toppings and sauces we can satisfy almost anyone’s palette.

Being English, I have a close association with kettles; essential equipment for a custom in which the English can still claim world dominance, the making of 'a nice cup of tea'.

As you may have realised, the expression 'a kettle of fish' doesn't refer to tea-kettles but to the long saucepans that have been used for centuries to poach whole salmon, namely fish-kettles.

Roosevelt Some soot started to fall and that aroused the cat When all of a sudden a small bird flew into the room All hell had let loose I looked for the kitchen broom The cat took a dive at it,, missed, and hit the gold Water everywhere it was then the dog started to howl By now the bird was on the curtain rail feathers everywhere It was then another bird joined in enough to make you swear The first one could not fly, well the cat made a meal of that The second bird flew around the room and fell dead upon the mat I picked it up, it was still warm the cat was ready to pounce The cat dived at me, grabbed the bird and ate up every ounce.

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