Books on dating women

24-Oct-2020 03:44

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The best selling author and self made business woman gives her signature take on all things romance and dating in this book filled with candid personal stories and priceless advice that will stand you in good stead to avoid her mistakes!

This book offers some great insight in to dropping the corny powers of seduction that you think are effective, and tapping to the power that true intimacy and affection can bring to a relationship.

When it comes to the complicated subject of love, we can’t always trust out instincts to let us know that we are doing everything right.

From having a crush to dating to trying to maintain a relationship, there are always points in a person’s love life where they need a little helping hand to guide them in the right direction.

From online dating to matchmaking to speed-dating and more, Gottlieb gives an insight in to the tough world of dating for a middle aged woman, a really interesting read with some surprisingly dark and revelatory moments.

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View your dating life through the lens of an optimist.

If you are interested in the age old comparison between men and women and Mars and Venus, then this book will interest you with its exploration of just how differently male and female energies approach dating.

The thing about dating nowadays though, especially if you do it online, is no one is who they say they are. Actually, you’re the laughingstock of the entire ocean, which is saying something, because apparently there’s just so many fish here. Because you can remove the shell, but you’ll never get close to those little suckers; fuck you, Pauline. … continue reading »

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