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03-Sep-2020 01:23

It's perhaps no coincidence the slick Hollywood sex scene almost entirely disappeared after, a dark and grimly compelling tale of one man's increasingly insatiable appetite for both sexual fulfilment and emotional annihilation.And yes, as directed by Steve Mc Queen and performed by Michael Fassbender, the movie is conspicuously low on laughter. It's a sombre, serious film that reaches and eaches for greatness, and tries, and hopes, to speak about the dominant and oppressive sexualisation of the culture we live in today.

Was Brandon a performance that was relating to me, or cathartic to me? I brought my contribution to it, Steve did his thing, everyone involved did their bit. I know what my personal life is, and thank God I'm not going through the imprisonment that is Brandon's life."WATCH HERE is the movie, more than any other, where the decadent and often leery subtext of Hollywood product (what is King Kong, other than an interracial sex fantasy?

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