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S51U *.«M) Particulars and stud cards on application.

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It is, therefore, as I)e ("pointed out, formed in this respect on the type of the usual invertebrate eve; so that we have the remarkable fact that in tfie same vertebrate animal we find eyes formed on two different tvpes. but the de- velopment is dissimilar, the lens of the pineal eye being formed out of the walls of the neural canal. Kingzett's theory as to the mode of action of "the IX)ison of distemjjer" is opposed to all the teachings of human and animal pathology. The assertion is made witluuit the slightest attemjit at support, either from fact or theory. Millais very wisely draws attention to the considerable difficulty probably at- taching to the destruction of the spores of the bacteria, if in this instance propa- gation bv spores occur, owing to the known higher resistance of such spores. B., etc., Lecturer on Systematic Physiology in the Medical School of St. The food for these wa.^ ground oats moiiitened with water in the morning, raw apples at noon and Indian corn whole at night. Sometimes boiled ])olatoes were sub,-.tituted for apples al noon.

on the contrary, is di.stributcd over its exterior .surface. Nevertheless, you will perhaps alltiw me to add that in my opinion Mr. 1 He assumes also that the conceded in- fection in the benching is a chemical non-living poison, manufactnre(i in it by certain bacteria. .** Scoring may not be free from objection but like the " Douglas Mixture," its "the best we've got and let's hold on to it until a better has proven itself." Whether by co^mparison or by giving a relative uuiner- ical value to properties the unite of measure is alike in the minds eye of the jue is little, if any, behind the American stniid- ard fowl! (iotxl cash jireiuiuins promi)tly paid and free entry attract many exhibitors, but moie are re])elled by the utter lack of suitable accommodations for poultry exhibits. The Bowers brothers stick to the olil- fashioned and handsome W. Black Spanish, while Captain v Saunders insists that nothing is ecjual to the (,;inie, the aristocrat of fowls. Pen 1 contanetl four light Brahma jiullets, l)eu 2, four laced Wyandotte.;; pen 3, four single comb white Leghorns; jjcn 4, four while crested black Polish iullets. The average weight of focxl consumed per ilay from January 23 to I'ebruary 26 was: Pens I :ind 2.

POINTER SACHEM, (Champion Beaufort's well-known son).

The iciiuwucv* Coni Cji Cliai Dion Scola, CMrleroi II, Roslp Sensation and Maney Trefoil.

OVER |iioo IN PRIZES Are offered in the regular classes, besides a lone list of ff PP P./ Al PRIZES Vo T Premium I.and ™rt°culafi'a,pl V%^ OF THE D(Xi Show, industrial Exhibition Of- fice, Toronto, Ont. To be held in connection with the great INTERSTATE FAIR.

In this way several braces could lie run each day under one volunteer and one paid judge, the brace lieing run in different directions, the last round and final heats to be run under and decided by the paid judges.

Wliile again it has been suggested, and the idea seems to have considerable sup- port, to have four paid judges, with as many volunteers, and not to limit the entries nor restrict any one owner from entering all he is willing to pay for.

As one interested in this subject I should much like to have the opinion of those thinking of entering their dogs in the all-day race, Pke-Cke, 8 TPHE FANCIERS* JOURNAL POULTRY. There never was an Autuinii in which the interest in poultry and pigeon was so keen or so j^eneral, and never a fair sea- son when so many were preparing to enter to win.

The one dog, if they only have one contesting, may hap- pen to l)e taken sick, go off its nose or 111 other ways be not itself, but this the summary would not record, ami thus a kennel whose owner goes to the expense and trouble of getting together a nuniljer of dogs for the purpose of winning these public events might have its colors lower- ed by a dog that would not lie the equal of several others belonging to the kennel of which the beaten dog in question was one. Limited, 54 to 57 Impe- rial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, Loudon, E. With the smattering of knowledge I possess on this scientific subject I am not competent to discuss the ideas suggested by the central orifice in the skull of the Chihuahua dogs or the hairless dogs of Mexico and China, but it seems to me that it is not lieyond the lounds of possibility to assume that these Mexican dogs antedate the glacial period, and that the little toy terriers cah lay claim to Ijeing the oldest breed of dogs in the world. Some of the Blue Blooded Pointers and Setters in Trainini; and the Names of their Trainers. King Leo's Lad, by King Leo out of a (»ladstntip bitch Denver, by Bridgeport out of Miss Elsie. My reply to this is that I purposely disinfected, inefficiently and efficientlv. Editor Fanciers' Journal : If we are to have an all-day race this fall, the promoters should lie getting down to business. Association : Our .\s.sociatioii is working lianl and with good results thus far to get the American Poultry .