Black panthers intimidating voters video

13-Jun-2020 09:46

They represented that story as if that is the guy who decided the election.

That was fake." A few weeks after that appearance, a Politi Fact reader wrote us to ask if we could fact-check Maddow’s statement that Fox News "said the New Black Panther Party decided the election for Barack Obama." So we will.

(Needless to say, since Obama won by more than 8 million votes, it's not like one guy with a nightstick at a single polling place swung the election.) When we reached out to Maddow, a spokeswoman pointed us to a commentary segment she did on her MSNBC show on July 21, 2010, that provided the full context of her criticism of Fox’s New Black Panther Party coverage.

Maddow argued that coverage of that story -- combined with its criticism of African American administration figures such as Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod -- amounted to a manufactured theme of "black people are coming for you." She suggested that it was the most recent iteration of race-baiting techniques that date to the segregation era.

The department asked for, and got, an injunction prohibiting Shabazz from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of a Philadelphia polling location until 2012.

Many Fox News commentators criticized the government's position as outrageously lenient and saw it as evidence of an Obama administration double-standard on race issues.

However, the discussions focused on the legal side of the story and the question of whether other media outlets were derelict in not giving it enough attention.

But Maddow’s comment to Letterman framed Fox’s coverage of the issue in political, rather than legal, terms.

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