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08-Jan-2020 19:21

An example of this would be someone asking me how I’m doing on a bad day — I’ll lie and say I’m fine, but just thinking about the fact that it is there makes my anxiety worse. That, along with avoiding conflict, has made my anxiety a lot better.

I used to avoid seeing people and putting myself in social situations, which is not healthy. The more you put yourself in situations that make you anxious (but not to the point of an anxiety attack), the better chance you will have of finding healthy ways to cope with your anxiety. Before my first bipolar episode, I had absolutely no problem doing so.

Simply explaining things like the paranoia and occasional psychosis that goes along with bipolar disorder, as well as what to expect during a manic episode can help prevent more serious problems from developing in the relationship later on.

Making the Relationship Last When it comes to making a relationship last when dating people with bipolar disorder the previously mentioned strategies; the non-bipolar person being as understanding as possible and the bipolar person explaining their condition out the outset, can help to build the foundation of a lasting, healthy relationship.

A person with bipolar disorder has a lot of explaining to do when they first start dating someone new.

They have to explain the nature of their disorder, the paranoia that can accompany it and the strange or even sometime offensive and hurtful behaviors that they exhibit during a manic episode; not to mention the occasional onset of psychosis.

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