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25-May-2020 15:18

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Like Wayne Brady stated he has the ear of people, such as those that cheer him.

He's living proof that the only difference between bad people are the weapons they use to carry out their acts.

A lot of people look at Bill Maher as a smart man, and he is.

He's been able to create a stable career and that should be applauded.

Some people may ignore everything that I've written here as Bill Maher making jokes. Labeling himself as a comedian is just something he uses to fall back on when people demand apologies.

People like Bill Maher will change, but only for the worse.

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However, it would be unfair for me to ignore the racist remarks he's made about others.

In 1984 she had completed her graduation from Cornell with B.

Bill Maher is a comedian and through his long lifetime he has been in a lot of relationships with different women, but he has never been married and does not have children either.

We as decent human beings, need to do what is necessary and call these people out, because we know they're wrong.

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Ann Hart Coulter is an American conservative social as well as a political commentator, lawyer, syndicated columnist and also a writer. She had dated a founder as well as a publisher and a conservative writer.

He embodies the white men who believe that if other people are given a fair chance something is being taken from them, yet believe they are liberal because they have a black friend.

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