Big people dating service

25-Feb-2020 20:57

Facebook restricts potential matches to people located less than 100 kilometers away (there will be a different metric-system equivalent when the product rolls out in the US).

Like other dating apps, you can also choose only to match with people who live nearby, have children, share the same religion, or fit into a specific age or height bracket.“We’re trying to connect people that are open to getting to know each other in the future,” says Nathan Sharp, a product manager at Facebook.

For example, the organizer of an Alcoholics Anonymous group, or someone planning an event at a church, can’t turn the dating feature off.

“The ethos there is that if people want to date, it shouldn’t be in the hands of another person,” says Sharp.

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The first, called Second Look, allows users to re-review someone they previously said they weren't interested in.All events and groups are fair game; users will have the ability to unlock that Taylor Swift concert from 2012 and the housewarming party they’re attending next week.

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