Biblical role of the man in dating

15-May-2020 16:14

It is a temptation to do so, but I suggest that it is actually unhealthy for the Christian dating relationship.Our emotions need to “grow” into this type of deep Christian dating relationship.

There is an attraction to each other and Christian singles immediately (or soon thereafter) think they have found their soul mate.They mutually agree that this relationship has the great potential of moving into marriage.It is important that there be a “pre” engagement period of time.The following is offered as a short Christian dating guide for Christian singles to consider as they build a Christian dating relationship.

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(Note: As soon as I say Christian dating guide, every single Christian reading this will think they are an exception and the timing noted does not apply to them. One of the strangest phenomenons that I have observed is that singles dating behavior is more common than most of us think.

At least 4 sessions should be spent with a Christian counselor who is trained in pre-marital counseling.