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Did God warn them not to indulge in interracial marriage with all the nations around them (e.g. Perhaps the greatest assumption made by those who thunder that interracial marriage is wrong is that the Israelites had a "pure" heredity which God wanted them to maintain.The Bible shows, however, that the group who left Egyptian bondage was anything but pure genetically.Some who study the topics of interracial dating and marriage often overlook the fact that God did not restrict who could and could not leave Egypt in the Exodus.Scripture states, "also a mixed multitude went up with them" (Exodus ), meaning that many non-Israelites left Egypt under the leadership of Moses.In short, scripture is inspired when it provides a personal encounter with Jesus.Consequently, they would say the Bible becomes the Word of God as you read it and as it has meaning to the reader.Joseph is one of the many sons of Jacob (renamed Israel).

Exodus 34 also records a warning, directly from God, that is interpreted by some as forbidding interracial dating and marriage. It is to all those children of Israel (and many others from differing nations) who were freed from Egyptian slavery (Exodus ).

God greatly blessed Joseph's two sons Ephraim and Manasseh.

By the time of the Exodus, the tribe of Ephraim could muster 40,500 fighting males and Manasseh had 32,200 men who could go to war (Numbers - 35).

God was not forbidding interracial marriage in Israel in an attempt to keep his people of the same race (which they were not). In the eyes of God, not man, all humans are of "one blood" (Acts ). In the strictest sense, there is only one race that exists - the human race.

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He was warning against matrimony that brings two people of differing religious understandings (e.g. The Bible does not forbid what man defines as interracial marriage.It was to this mass of people that God gave instructions some have mistakenly used as "proof text" to show that interracial relationships are a sin.