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29-Jul-2020 11:34

Also, belief in such Bible codes can lead one to look for hidden messages in Scripture (like Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination) and these can sometimes even overshadow the Obviously there are a lot of fakes out there, but the genuine ones, often promoted by commentators, are incredible, and really confirm that an intelligence beyond the human authors is responsible for The Bible.Obviously this is outside the scope of scientific creation research, but surely such supernatural confirmations of the authenticity of The Bible should be a major part of promoting the authority of The Bible?This was based on the fact that God made everything in Creation Week (Exodus 20:8–11).

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I know that some creationist groups and Christian publications give the creation an exact date of 4004 We think that Ussher’s chronology is top-quality research using the finest historical resources of his day (some of which have since been lost, making his work that much more important).By the way, the leader of the Flat Earth Society believes in evolution, so evidently he has more in common with you than with us!The article states: “The Flat Earth Society is an active organization currently led by a Virginian man named Daniel Shenton.This does not affect the inerrancy of the Bible because the Bible is exactly as accurate as it intended to be—and when we’re talking on the scale of thousands of years, a chronology that allows us to arrive probably within decades of the creation year is incredibly accurate.

Similarly, some people accuse the Bible of giving an incorrect figure for pi, but again, it’s a matter of where one chooses to round off (see Does the Bible say pi equals 3.0? Some Christians may hold to the 4004 date “so tightly”, but we don’t, so we really can’t comment as to their motives.You fail to reason from Scripture, and since we come from such different starting points, further discussion is unlikely to be productive. SBa R Sc8XGUD The #Antetokounbros are locked in for Greece!!… continue reading »

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