Bginfo not updating desktop

08-Oct-2019 20:19

bginfo not updating desktop-70

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For instance, I wanted to just have a line across the top right-hand side of my monitor with some useful system information, and then show the name of the system below it in larger text, so I simply edited, used the align right button, and changed the font size for the element I wanted to change.

After clicking Apply, this is what displayed in the top right-hand corner of my monitor — handy stuff for a system administrator.

If you have ever done system administration, you probably have the problem where you connect to so many servers that you have no idea which computer you are connected to half the time.

BGInfo is a great utility that lets you display useful system information right on the desktop. If you’ve been following along with our series, you might be surprised at the huge departure from hunting malware and deleting crapware to displaying stuff on the desktop, but the Sys Internals tools aren’t just about finding things to kill.

You can tweak and change it in any way that you’d like, and even insert data from text files and other places like the registry.Once you added this to the list, you would then have access to display the public IP address by adding “publicip” out of the Fields list.