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She keeps telling him she's not into one night stands, and what part of no doesn't he understand.

Anti-Love Song Lyrics: "What part of no don't you understand?

He still loves his wife, and won't just leave her, but he walks the fine line of holding his wife while wishing he was with his lover.

Anti-Love Song Lyrics: "If we had known our love would come to this.

Anti-Love Song Lyrics: "Why don't you kiss, kiss this. Finally, he decides he's better off without her, and he's going to be just fine, and she'll be the one thinking of him.

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Anti-Love Song Lyrics: Jo Dee Messina doesn't suffer any fools in "My Give a Damn's Busted." She tells her cheating boyfriend that she doesn't forgive him and she just does not care when he comes whining to her all sorry.

But then I heard our song, and I danced along, but it felt all wrong, 'cause she was sweet, she let me lead, she never took her ever lovin eyes off me." Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now" is another great song for someone who makes something of himself after being put down all their life by others to tell those people, "Nyah nyah. The woman is in a bar, trying to drink away her troubles when the guy comes in and is all apologetic. She leaves him saying he doesn't even know who she is, and when he finds the ring, he calls and says he's sorry, but he doesn't know why, and maybe she's right because she doesn't know who he is either.

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