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13-Oct-2019 03:05

On his 25th mission, his last mission before being sent home, his plane is shot down, and he is taken prisoner in a German POW camp.

A fictional story and an easy read, but historically accurate and realistic in its details.

Twain called it a “hymn to boyhood,” and it’s a song that can be sung over and over.

Before he became a manly anchorman, Eric Sevareid did exactly what every boy dreams of doing-setting out on a wild, unstructured, crazy adventure.

The essence of boyhood distilled, transcribed and bound.

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What would you be willing to give up to live in a pain-free world, a world without chaos or disease or war?When Jonas realizes that the people have given up their freedom, emotions, and humanity in exchange for equality and peace he is faced with an enormous decision. Knowing that boys love sports, there are children’s authors who churn out one cookie cutter sports story after another. Lupica gives the kind of vivid play by play details that every good sports book needs, while also filling out his characters and their stories off the field with enough interest and realism to make the reader care.

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