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07-Nov-2020 11:32

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You’ll notice it’s different from the advice you may have read elsewhere in , and for good reason: This isn’t a fat loss or muscle-building diet. “Carbohydrates are the most important fuel.” People who are training for a triathlon should be eating 2 to 3 grams of carbs per pound of body weight every day.

Here, we’re talking about performance—specifically, your best performance possible. Recent studies have also shown that pairing carbohydrates and proteins help your muscles recover from training.

If you keep whining that he spends too much time at the gym, or keep seducing him into spending Saturdays in bed eating pancakes instead of doing 4-hour bike rides, he will drop you, guaranteed.

Maybe he likes you enough to make you his girlfriend, but triathlon is his wife.

My wife definitely has to say no to food more than I do.

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From the Sports Nut to the Music Aficionado, whatever hottie you’re hungering for, the Guide’s got your back. Here’re a few tips for dating a triathlete or endurance athlete! And with good reason: triathletes make for some sexy men, and their shaved limbs will feel all silky on yours when you test their cardio in the sack. But it’s a very specific kind of gent who’s drawn to ultra-marathons or long course races, so you’ll have to be especially adaptive to this lifestyle if you want to keep yourself in the running … Brick Workout: Having nothing to do with building material, these workouts are dual-discipline drills to practice transitioning from one sport to the next.“You still have to match your caloric intake to caloric expenditure, or else you’ll gain body fat,” Ziegenfuss warns.

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