Best country dating songs

14-Jul-2020 18:08

Last but not least, “Then” by Brad Paisley tells the story of a man who loves his wife more and more every day.

He talks about being mesmerized at first sight and how his feelings only grow stronger with time.

Best Love Songs | Old/Classic Love Songs | Rock Love Songs Starting with the cream of the crop, the best of the best, we’ve collected eight of the straight-up top love songs around.

This compilation has a little bit of everything, and I’m sure you’ll be familiar with more than couple of these sentimental songs.

Spoiler alert: “Everytime We Touch” is definitely not in here. Starting out our list strong, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” deserves top billing.

As a kid, I daydreamed about growing up, falling love, and going through all the rituals of relationships.

Brad Paisley can write a tender love song and then turn around and write a humorous one like "Alcohol," and both will shoot straight to the top of the charts.

Here, the alcohol itself is telling the story and taking the blame when you dance with that lampshade on your head. Jason Aldean does rockin' country best, and this song is a great representation of that style.

Listen up high school boys- you may think that what you share between you and your girl is the strongest love on the planet, but you better not forget about her daddy who has been there all her life.

This is the message that Heartland conveys with “I Loved Her First,” that as fathers we have been there all our lives for our daughters, and you better make sure that you take care of her right.Chart of the current top 100 country songs on i Tunes.

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