Belarussian dating

27-Aug-2020 03:25

They say love knows no boundaries, age, gender or nationalities.Belarus Feed decided to check how true this statement is and asked four Belarusian women about their relationship with foreigners.I don’t say that every woman you meet online speaks English. Here’s what I mean: You can walk up and down Independence Avenue in Minsk. But it’s exhausting and you might end up with ten phone numbers and zero dates. Well, don’t even get me started on marriage agencies in Eastern Europe. Treat everyone in her family with respect and show that you are a nice and friendly guy. That’s why they are looking for stable and mature men outside of their country. Nevertheless, Belarusian women have a talent for not dying. They also know how to cook, how to take care of a family, and how to make sure that their marriage doesn’t end in a disaster.She wants to leave her country for you and she does not want to be another one of Belarus’ divorced women.It shows how both of you see the world and how you match each other. Read also: Top 11 seductive phrases in Belarusian to pretend you’re a local How have we changed each other?

However, there are still some differences in our mentality.I immediately fell in love with the country, and then with the Indian man.