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16-Jul-2020 22:03

In fact, According to The Grocer magazine, the amount of coffee pods sold last year was up 1/3 compared to 2017, with more than £112m of coffee pods in total sold.

The predicted sales are not just expected to grow, but actually treble by 2020, meaning for the first time, coffee capsules will out sell tea bags!

And boy do they like, apparently: For a review of the best coffee capsule machines and to find out what flavours are available, check out our free guide.

Or if you fancy having a go at making your own reusable tassimo pods, we have a great guide and video tutorial to help.

We have noticed more and more people visiting our site looking for information on Tassimo pods or T-discs and specifically wether they are being phased out or if Tassimo is going out of business or being discontinued.

We found this intriguing and so thought we would present the facts to help answer some of your questions.

Although it is not yet clear if this will happen, if it does, it could have an adverse effect on Plan G rates.

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Presently they have the capacity to recycle over 80% of used capsules and it is aiming to increase this to 100% by 2020.It could cause seniors to put off receiving needed health care and could potentially lead to them requiring more expensive services down the road.