Beauty and brains intimidating

21-Jan-2020 01:46

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In slight defense of them - being one of them their views are not all unfounded: And NO - I'm not playing the blame game, that is their subjective images based on a limited belief system that stops them from moving forward and objectifying their lives.In other words how can you tell if he's feeling intimidated by you?The concept is simple - Nice guys generally are type two guys who are not good with women.I tell them to ditch their unattractive "nice guy" habits and instead of trying to be nice, just be a GOOD guy and they'll never have to prove it making them more attractive AND much less intimidated by ALL women.They put women on a pedestal just high enough to make them believe they could never be with a woman of that quality.They confuse beauty with kindness and think they're actually related to each other.

I brought it up because, based on my past, and what I've become today - I KNOW THE NICE GUY from the inside out and I'm going to share the mindset he has deeply rooted in his brain which is causing all the intimidation AND making it very difficult for you to find one, let alone, date one.

Your first step is to take an objective look at where, when, and how you meet men and quickly decide if that's needs to be changed immediately.

Your SOLUTION then is simply learning a different way to communicate with ALL men which will do several things: You want a guy to be with you and stick around for the right reasons (and not just because he's physically attracted to you) so you must learn the skill to do that while at the same time eliminating the wrong guys from your dating life.

The pressure they feel grows greater the closer they are to you which could cause them to start acting a little nervous.

They may fidget more, look out of place, linger around you sort of helplessly, present a strange smile, laugh oddly to displace some of their anxiety, and look terribly uncomfortable in their own skin.Some will just avoid all those feelings by never getting close enough to experience them.

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