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14-Jun-2020 12:09

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Beautiful People recognizes that superficial judgments are a natural part of dating and has provided tools to help singles take their dating experiences up a notch. Beautiful People removes the first hurdle as everyone in the community is attractive as voted so by the members.” Beautiful has over 750,000 members around the world.These individuals are the cream of the dating crop, voted in from more than 10 million applications over the last decade.However, the team stands by the success of the dating site and boasts about the quality of its membership.Beautiful People maintains the world’s largest exclusive dating club for attractive men and women.He attributes this to the voting system and the differences in how men and women on the site vote people in.The voting system has given the Beautiful People team insight into how its users select partners and determine desirability.

“Beautiful People was founded on the basic principle of human nature,” Greg said.Anyone may apply, but to become a member you must first be voted in by our panel of judges - yes, it based on looks.