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Before the second contractual relationship is concluded, the customer will be informed of the paid nature of the service as well as the relevant prices and payment methods applicable.

Payments will always be billed in two or more installments (Art. This second contractual relationship for paid services comes into existence when the customer accepts the payment obligation by clicking the confirmation button on the relevant web / App page.

are sent either via on-screen displays after "Login", i.e. Before a paid service is used, the customer must be notified that the service in question is provided at a charge and informed of what payments will be due upon purchase.The services offered by be2 include the following (see also "3.This specially designed program includes guided meditation, breathing techniques, thoughtful movements and other tools for men and women to find a place of calm and peace in their lives while in fertility treatment.

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Learn More Licensed therapists who understand the emotional complexities and challenges of fertility treatment share tools that can make all the difference between surviving and thriving while undergoing fertility treatment.when the client has entered his/her user name (or alternatively the Code allocated to him/her) and password, or via e-mails to the e-mail address provided by the customer during registration.), by letter or by fax.