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Common Law British Columbia Family law is going through some rapid changes in BC, and this affects everyone, particularly people in common law relationships.

Currently family law is governed by the Family Relations Act.

Property Rights The Family Relations Act governs division of property when a marriage ends. Although not yet in effect now, even if your relationship ends, a common law partner simply needs to wait until the Family Law Act is in effect to apply for a division of property.

Spousal Support A common law partner in BC has one year after separation to apply to court for spousal support under the Family Relations Act.

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(b) What were the arrangements concerning the acquisition and ownership of property?This is because doing so brought them into the purview of the Family Relations Act, which required an equal division of all property.However, with the impending approach of the Family Law Act, a cohabitation agreement is strongly recommended if this is not the result wanted by a couple.As a common law lawyer, I usually ask my clients to provide me with the following evidence if I want to prove that my client was a in a marriage like relationship:by Honourable Justice Kent (one of my favourite judges). Connor who was a criminal defence lawyer, began a relationship with a man during his marriage. They took many trips together and referred to each other as husband and wife.

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They declared themselves as ‘single’ in their tax returns. They submit, however, that it was simply a long-standing “affair” which did not amount to a “marriage-like relationship” and particularly so in the two-year period immediately preceding the death of Ms. The fact that they did not live under the same roof and that they each kept separate finances might, without more, militate against a finding of a “marriage-like relationship”.

Connor after the separation from his wife, but was unable to do so because of Ms. The evidence amply supports, and I find as a fact, that Mr. Connor loved each other, were faithful to each other, communicated with each other almost every day when they were not together, considered themselves to be (and presented themselves to be) “husband and wife” and were accepted by all who knew them as a couple.[51] As a result of, and as part of, their relationship, Ms. Chambers financially and intended to bestow upon him the benefits of both her financial resources while alive and her estate upon her death. Chambers as the beneficiary of her RRSP speaks volumes.