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VZ24 The 24 was the standard issue blade for the Czech army, it has a total length of 430mm and the reversed blade edge, these were made for the VZ24 rifle.

Large numbers of these blades were captured by the Germans at the beginning of WWII and these had their muzzle rings removed, to varying degrees - some have large ears remaining from the only partial removal of the ring.

Brian Conkle has allowed me to post his page on Rumanian markings here.

Double horse head ricasso marked specimens are believed to be made by Cugir of Rumania for their own use.

During WWII the Germans used large numbers of Czech blades and removed the muzzle rings, as per standard German practice - the very long hilt groove proving to give sufficient support for the mounted weapon.These blades can be found with both Austrian and Czech markings.VZ23 With the increase in the prominence of the Czech arms industry the VZ23 bayonet was made for export with it's Mauser rifle.Czech issued blades are typically marked with a stamp consisting of "letter number LION STAMP number number", details of Czech markings are on a separate page to allow adequate cover without making this page too large.

Export versions of the bayonet were typically marked with a Z in a CIRCLE markinghowever it is possible to find exported blades with CSZ stamps and for Czech blades to be found with the Circled Z mark.

This can make it somewhat confusing, additional problems come from the fact that many countries did not mark the exported blades with identifiable marks to indicate the end user.