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20-Mar-2020 02:50

Get Set Date is a dating consultancy that serves singles looking to cultivate romantic relationships. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of online dating, first impressions matter.We help our clients articulate their relationship preferences, better understand their individual dating styles and relationship goals, and present their best selves to potential partners. The right lighting, angle, and clothing can transform your profile from a tepid "maybe" to a sizzling "yes please".J.: What was the genesis of your becoming a relationship and dating expert? Instead of guessing who would get along, I figured I might have more success if I put all these interesting, eligible people in a room, provided some structure and activities, and let them decide for themselves who they liked. J.: Why do you think so many sex therapists and relationship experts are Jewish?LU: While I was at Google, I had been hosting these talks, bringing in interesting people to speak to the employees, so I had this platform. With this in mind, I’m hosting an invite-only singles party two weeks before Valentine’s Day. LU: I’ve actually talked to Esther [Perel] about this. Ruth Westheimer once, and before that I hadn’t realized that she escaped the Holocaust. Last year, I researched my own great-great-aunt who was killed in Auschwitz; she was a famous children’s book author in Germany.

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J.: You’re quite young to be offering advice in this area. Obviously, I can’t know what it’s like being married for decades, but I do know how it feels to be ghosted, or to have to package yourself in this online dating meat market. Living means embracing life fully, and in that element of thriving, sexuality is included in there.

She formerly co-ran the Irrational Lab, Google’s behavioral economics team, and was a TED resident. If we don’t make decisions as rational actors, then how do we make them?

I studied psychology at Harvard and went to work at Google after I graduated. I worked closely with Dan Ariely, an Israeli professor who is one of the [team’s] leaders.

Before each setup, I asked everyone to promise to follow my eight dating rules: 1. First date should be within one week of being matched.

Must contact each other within 24 hours of being matched. First date can’t be coffee or drinks (should be something quirky and fun!

These events are great for both extroverts as well as introverts, as we have matchmakers taking on "wing-man" and "wing-woman" roles at each event.