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10-Dec-2019 04:19

IMPORTANT: The IMBRA fee is free on basis of the trip package however if you are interested in an Introduction service or a Romantic Date service, the fee should be paid additionally. Besides the Members Questionnaire should be filled out and we also need a scanned copy of your passport along with this questionnaire.Follow this link to learn more information on the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act or contact our support centre for further details.Kiev, Odessa and Lviv branches will require charge at the rate of 15% to the cost of the Introduction service.In case you want to meet with a lady at another branch agency, please contact our support centre.While visiting Ukraine you will need help of a professional translator / guide.We have both male and female staff that can help you and your lady with English translation.

Please note Kiev, Odessa and Lviv branches are not valid for this type of the trip package.If you want a no-hassle, stress-free vacation, choose this package that has the atmosphere and activities you want and know all your costs up front.