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Activity Rate by Wards and Stakes Definition: The proportion of the average number of active members in wards or stakes to the average number of total members in wards or stakes.Assuming that the average number of active church members in the wards and stakes has not changed, the activity rate by Wards and Stakes can be estimated by dividing this constant number by the average number of total members in the wards and stakes across the church.For the purposes of this analysis, it is assumed that there were no senior missionaries prior to The total number of senior missionaries is unknown prior towhen it was reported in this article that there were 2, couples, which equates to 4, missionaries.In September of it was reported in this article that there were 4, That article also announced new policies that would make it easier for senior Mormons to serve missions.According to this articlethe number had risen to 5, by the time the change in the ages of young missionaries was announced, which was October By Februaryaccording to this article that number had fallen to 6, However, that article also stated that the current number of total missionaries was 83, The statistical report for the end of stated that the number of total missionaries was 85, If you scale the number of senior missionaries to that value, you get approximately 6, Inaccording to this article the number had fallen to 6, by For the purposes of this report, it is assumed that the number of senior missionaries for,and are 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, and 6, respectively.After the policy change this proportion appeared to increase to 1.

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The number of total missionaries entering the field was reported in the annual statistical report from to The report also included values for and However, the church almanac, which contains values that are published herereports the number of missionaries entering the field for all years up to The values from the church almanac do not match the values from the annual statistical report in most cases where such data exist, but for the purposes of this analysis the almanac value are assumed for every year due to completeness of data.

In the absence of published data of any kind, new missionary totals after must be estimated using a number balance rolled over from previous years.

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Because it is not expected that all active women go on a mission, number of young women going on missions can not be used to estimate the activity rate.The number of stakes in the LDS church was reported sporadically in the annual general conference reports from to It has been reported consistently since It has also been reported for every year from to in the Almanac, which aligns with the general conference reports for all but ten individual years.