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One particularly violent practice was the "forceful shaking of the suspect's upper torso, back and forth, repeatedly, in a manner which causes the neck and head to dangle and vacillate rapidly.

The Israeli Supreme Court decided that such practices were illegal.

We were all asked to stay in our cabins — only a few officers were allowed to be on the deck.

After three days, I believe, a yacht arrived near us at the middle of the night.

Jabour found himself in a nameless facility where he says men in black uniforms and masks stripped off Jabour's clothes, bound him and put him in a tiny cell with a bucket for a toilet. After interrogators questioned Jabour, he related, they would throw him back in his cell, tie him in various uncomfortable positions and then subject him to loud noises and music, sometimes for up to four days at a time.

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Army officer formerly in charge of the now-infamous Abu Ghraib prison, Col. He was clearly from the Middle East," said Karpinski, who was demoted from her previous rank of brigadier general after the revelations of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. However, some of the techniques used by American interrogators — such as putting hoods on prisoners and subjecting them to loud music, and forcing them to remain in painful physical positions — bear discomforting similarities to controversial techniques Israeli intelligence has used for decades.

Beginning with Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in Israeli intelligence agencies — mainly the Shabak — have interrogated Arab and Palestinian terrorism suspects.

Inhe says, Pakistani intelligence agents forced him and a friend into a car, put hoods on their heads and took them to a facility in Lahore where Jabour was beaten and tortured for several days before his captors handed him over to the Americans.

He then describes a haze of sedative injections and a jet ride.

The younger son, Marcos, is a sensitive 12-year-old who is forced to confront the ineluctable facts of his life - grinding poverty, back-breaking work, racism, hopelessness.

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