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28-Sep-2020 05:14

In Novosibirsk, summer temperatures can go up to 30 °C (86 °F) to 35 °C (95 °F).If you come from a southern country, you might find Siberian winters a bit tough.Some Siberians outright hate the West and especially Americans.They blame globalization for the loss of traditional values.Chivalry still lives on here and men are used to opening doors, carrying heavy bags, and helping women in other ways.A Russian man is a romantic at heart and family and children are usually crucial to him.While parts of Siberia are still underdeveloped, the quality of life is improving vastly.And, as for the vodka, my only advice is you can’t outdrink a Siberian.

Or, it would be, had it not been for the huge disparity in the number of men and women. It’s over 70% of Russia’s territory but less than half of the country’s population calls it home.You don’t really feel that in large cities but it’s very obvious once you’re on the road. Virtually every club in Siberia has more women than men.If people as a whole are few in Siberia, men, and good, eligible men, are even more scarce. Siberian guys have so many options that the good ones get spoiled. Cute guys don’t make good husbands but good husband material are horribly ugly. Girls invest enormous amounts of time, energy, and money into looking good. So much so, that on average they die 10 years younger than they otherwise would.And yes, Siberia is not as well-developed as other parts of Russia.

Finally, yes, alcoholism and drug abuse are especially problematic in smaller towns and cities, where young people don’t have that many opportunities.

Russian is the official language and the majority of the population is Russian Orthodox.

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