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Speaking from personal experience, I've never had a positive reaction by telling someone I'm Jewish. Here in the midwest I'll often get the "Accept Jesus as your savior" speech at least a couple times a year. Oh thanks Zell for going off on me because I was partially wrong. It might seem strange at first because ethnically most groups of people are identified more with the area they came from and not the religion they practiced.

I'm sure the term has it's origin in the religion Judaism that most of them adhere to in the past and now.

;)sorry iaf I changed my post..far as my original post...i was considering that being jewish has nothing to do with being born in israel..everyone born there is jewish, in other words it is their nation though. I regret that people are still so pathetic as to give you negative reactions strictly on the basis of your religion.

All they/you as a religious group have accomplished after all the crap they/you have been through?

Not that I love to disagree with the head honcho of Free Ones chat area but Judaism (and all religions) are not ethnic groups. "Nationality" refers to the citizenship of the place where you were born or primarily raised - Israeli, American, etc. At least there are some people out there who get it. About the link not clearing anything up, all you have to do is read the first sentence that refers to jews as an ethnic people. nats=NDg4Lj Yu Mi42Lj Au Mzcw Lj Au MC4w anyone here fucked a Jewish woman?

Since hype can be wrong, I could use some additioonal info before adding her or say, Demi Marx to the list. I know Kaylynn is Leah Lexington is another definite maybe. She needs to get some film/DVD credits under her belt first, like around ten, before she can make that claim.