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17-Oct-2019 21:29

We also learned something we probably already suspected – that single people value freedom more than married people do.But the study added an intriguing twist – single people also get more happiness out of their valuing of freedom.In 2018, we also learned more about the politics of single people. Furthermore, much more research into single life is needed.

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Now that they are settled into their single lifestyle that can't see changing it.

In many ways, 2018 was a good year for single people. In my next post, I’ll share what I already know is going to happen in 2019.

Some important books were published, singlism got called out in some big ways, some useful debunking was accomplished, and there were other affirming and intriguing developments as well. The year 2018 brought an impressive crop of books relevant to single people and single life.

It's wise to keep the previously married people separate. Often they're older, so getting married again isn't always practical. The 16% of "never been married" people that say they never want to get married also deserves some study.

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