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11-Oct-2019 05:19

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That's the conclusion of a study released in February 2016 by the University of Minnesota, which examined 47,000 couples over seven years, looking at how they spent their time and how it affected their general happiness.(The couples were all married, but that was the only common factor among them.) The researchers found something kind of charming: on average, when somebody's with their spouse, they're twice as happy as they are without them, and rate their activities as more meaningful.

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Researchers at the University of Gottingen looked at macaque monkeys' stress hormones, and found that the males were most stressed with family or partners, and relaxed while with their male mates.And it gets into another dimension if you live together; does coming home to the same bed every night mean you should book more time away from one another in the daytime?What's psychologically healthy, and serves both your love for intimacy and your personal requirement for autonomy?Scientists have now discovered that human females react differently to males when it comes to stressful events: while men use "fight or flight" (get aggressive or avoid the situation), women tend to use their social bonds with other females to support themselves.

This means that time spent building same-sex friendships outside of a romantic partnership is likely a necessity for good stability and effective coping mechanisms.

Nobody seems to have done studies on same-sex couples and whether the same-gender situation at all mediates the need for outside same-sex friendships, so someone should get on that.

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