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This is a 35 mm viewfinder lenticular stereo camera manufactured by 3D Image Technology, Inc., P. The separation between each lens is 18.5mm and the Plastic lenses are 1:9.5/27 mm with diaphragms Fixed at f/9.5.

These are fixed focus from 1.2 m to infinity with a mechanical guillotine type shutter behind the lenses.

The identifiers on this camera are "AGFAMATIC 4000", "pocket", and the Agfa logo engraved in black.

Essentially, you received 3D pictures, albeit the same type of 3D that you could find in those old “magic motion” trading cards from the late 1800’s early 1900’s but these were in color.

If you get a viewer you can see 3D images just like the old Civil War 3D pictures.

The camera pictured here is in Fine condition and worth .00 in 2017. The camera was introduced in 1996 and used the 135 film cartridge.

The camera pictured here is in Good condition and worth .00 in 2017.

These lenses focus on different images depending on the viewing angle.

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