Auto updating

14-Jul-2020 08:24

Thankfully, you can disable auto-updates for individual apps and allow other apps to auto-update when they want to.To turn off a single app from auto-updating, first go to the Google Play store.This may seem handy, but they can also be problematic because they may use your mobile data without you realizing it.If you have metered data, you probably want to disable automatic downloads.The slider button turns white and gray when disabled.If you don’t want to completely disable automatic downloads, you can make sure your device only uses Wi-Fi to download the updates.Now that you’ve disabled automatic updates for all apps, how do they update?When an app wants to download an update, it now has to ask you first.

Automatic downloads in i OS allow apps, as well as other items, to be updated automatically.

2) Hold down on the link until a new menu shows up. 4) Open your Vlc or any iptv player app and pass the link.

At any time, you can click Refresh to update the data for the Pivot Tables in your workbook.

Under “i Tunes & App Stores” on the right, tap the slider button to the right of “Update”.

NOTE: You can also prevent apps, music, and books, from automatically downloading by turning off the appropriate slider buttons.That’s all well and good, but what if you want to stop only one app from auto-downloading?