Atheist dating a christian girl

23-Jul-2020 06:12

At the same time I don't see why I shouldn't because I don't see why I need to be afraid it's just I've never knowing anyone from that religion before.By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.If she really cared about you I don't think she'd make such a big deal out of this.She might be a bit turned off if she believes that strongly, sure, but she wouldn't just cut you off it wouldnt have both of you could have completely left the subject alone until she overheard a friend of yours say you atheist and probably brushed it offfrom your "when i walked away from religion blablah i tried praying to god for the christian girl" crap it just sounds like you think you're way 2edgy for herwhen in reality she probs just thinks you're a cunt I don't know if you live in a heavily religious state, but in this day and age, people aren't as intolerant towards atheists.My suggestion would be to not sit around pondering this concubine and get out there and make yourself available, so you can move on.Then again, when shit hit the fan for you, you threw aside your beliefs and prayed to a deity, so you're probably doomed to be trampled on for the rest of your life unless you make drastic changes in the ways you view the world.I always liked how nice and caring she was and that's when it occurred to me that she was somewhat of a saint.I then steered the conversation into religion and asked her how she felt about other religions; she responded by saying she doesn't like talking about other religion.

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I've met some really wonderful people with really awful communication skills, and no matter how nice they are they'll put you through hell. They avoid problems for as long as they can, they'll resist bringing anything up that could possibly endanger a relationship, and then they act all surprised whenever a problem that they've pushed under the rug blows up in their face.

We went off on a tangent about spelling bees on ESPN and after a while I bring up Atheism and her opinions on Atheists Shit son you done fucked up good. Don't pray to things you don't believe in and have some respect for yourself.