Aspxgridview not updating

11-Jul-2020 22:07

aspxgridview not updating-4

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The gridview lists just a few fields and when I set up the datasource for it I set a default value for employeeid. But when I load the page, even though there's a default value, I get no results.When I select anything from the ddl I get no results.I was able to edit items in it without any problems.

calling databind() on the gridview, in my experience, always causes the select to be executed and then a round trip to the database which you should see in profiler.

could you paste those two things into a reply please (without the line numbers).

Thanks Hi eddie: Could you show us your stored procedure code if the following cannot fix your problem?

So what I'd like is for the gridview to update every time a value is changed in the any of the form fields.

I set them all (except the text boxes of course) to Auto Postback, but when any of the dropdownlists are changed the query is not sent to the database and the gridview continues to display the empty dataset message.

Here's the entire code for the aspx page: Limno: Here's the code for the stored procedure.