Are spyro and cynder dating

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Zembillas had previously designed Crash for Naughty Dog, whose offices were just across the hall from Insomniac's at Universal Interactive Studios.

Much as in The Legend of Spyro, he comes from a rare line of purple dragons in a faraway land few have ever traveled, and his adventures and heroics were chronicled by the "Portal Masters of Old".Spyro generally respects the other dragons, but is impatient with more senior ones and often tries to leave as they are talking. , Spyro meets Elora the faun, Hunter the cheetah, and a mole known as the Professor, who assist him in various missions.A fairy named Zoe appears to help Spyro save his game progress.Spyro the Dragon is the title character and protagonist of the Spyro video game series, including The Legend of Spyro, and a major character in the Skylanders series, first appearing in Spyro the Dragon in 1998.

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Spyro is a cute energetic young purple male dragon.

He is very brash, being eager to defeat the game's villain, Gnasty Gnorc. and Year of the Dragon, Spyro is more mature and laidback, though he continues to trash talk enemies such as Ripto.