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Played by someone other than Hilarie Burton, Peyton Sawyer could’ve been a really annoying character.

She was the epitome of angst, which has earned her some haters over the years.

However, much like Brooke, Peyton evolved quite a bit over the course of the series.

The character who left at the close of season 6 was very different from the girl we met in the pilot.

Over the course of its nine-year run, One Tree Hill unfolded a poignant tale about brothers, basketball, and surviving high school.

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Lucas proclaiming his devotion to her right up until the moment that he chose Peyton just seemed like delusion on his part.

The show has been off the air since 2012, but still maintains a very dedicated fanbase.

OTH was incredibly character-driven, so caring about the major players was vital to its success.

Nichols was quite charismatic, but there was a real vulnerability to his performance as well.

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Brooke’s season 2 love interest, Felix Taggaro, served little purpose.

In many cases, the fault was in the writing of the character as well, but perhaps another actor could’ve made all the difference.