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He’s a “pastry chef” who can turn out “crepes and glaze,” Dana says with noticeable affection.

* * * * * Be Nice to Everyone “Like other women in pornography, I tend to be third wave, sex-positive, porn-friendly, sex-friendly, and non-man hating,” says Dana De Armond, a self-proclaimed feminist who is a blend of feminisms.

When she married, her choice was a captain in the Dutch Army stationed in what is today Indonesia.

This femme fatale had a strong military connection, a provocative sense of exhibitionism, and a sharp mind.

In February 2004 she gave adult film a shot in San Francisco.

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“I didn’t think I was going to be a porn star when I walked into,” she says. A well-respected industry personality who shoots in both the L. and San Francisco adult markets, Dana describes her career is a “sexual journey” that highlights adult film as an art form. I know what I’m doing.” Using gangbangs as an example, she insists that she doesn’t want “a bunch of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing” all over her. Dana buys into what feminist-oriented directors preach: chemistry on the Rich Moreland, March 2013 If adult film ever decided to make a movie of Mata Hari’s adventures she would be portrayed as an enchantress and wanton woman, exotic and sultry, dark and promiscuous.