Aquarius female and leo male dating socialengine php social network script community dating

26-Apr-2020 04:03

The Leo woman Aquarius man instantly connect and can go for hours just getting to know each other.

She wants someone to stalk the plains with her, and he’s looking for someone to share in his exciting adventures. These two zodiac signs are a perfect match when it comes to their lifestyle and relationship choices.

He has the energy, and she has the tenacity to put in the work to keep each other happy.

This Leo compatibility is genuinely meant for each other.

The Leo man is attracted to the Aquarius woman by her enigmatic aura, and by her interesting ideas. She’s friendly, affable sociable and engaging and she listens to him – what more could he want?

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The Aquarius man in love isn’t as willing to stroke her ego as others, for he finds this to be tedious. But communication is key when dealing with these sorts of issues, and thankfully both signs excel at that!The Leo man is creative and has a big vision, and the Aquarius woman is ingenious, inventive and also with a bigger picture view of life.