Application screenupdating excel 2016

09-Oct-2019 16:18

I have Word automation that can create thousands of documents and for those I obviously leave Word hidden.

I went with moving the .visible to the end of the script.

Cursor = xl Default This solved my flicker problem, but I didn't like how the excel application disappeared completely then suddenly reappeared for the user.

The screen unfreezes apparently when VBA code copies a preformatted worksheet from the macro workbook into a new workbook, although other circumstances must trigger it as well.

I’ve seen the threads on this subject that recommend “fiddling with the code” or “calling the code in a subroutine”.

I want to try and speed up some of the exports as they are quite large and can take a while to complete. Screen Updating = False but get a "Method or data member not found" error. It is cool to be part of such and active and sharing community.

I suspect this is because I am missing something in the reference library but when I check nothing is noted as "missing" and all the obvious Microsoft options are ticked. Echo False but this has no impact on the exporting and I can still see the Excel report populating. Thanks Thanks Eugin, I have tried both of those commands but it makes no difference. I look forward to learning more from you all and hopefully becoming a helpful member myself one day.Whereas previously the flickering caused by seeing the sheets as the code was working through has gone now it flickers between a blank excel sheet and my screen-saver. There were only 4 de-bugs - surprisingly few considering you had nothing to validate with I do appreciate the difficulty of your trying to this 'in the dark' and I would understand if you feel this is too constrained.