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Hephaistos was pleased with the plan and ascended to Heaven with Dionysos, released his mother and wed the reluctant Love-Goddess. Therefore Neptunus [Poseidon], because he was hostile to Minerva [Athene], urged Volcanus [Hephaistos] to ask for Minerva in marriage." [N. The requested bride was perhaps Aphrodite rather than Athene in the original version of this story.] "Deimos (Fear) : [Deimos] and Phobos (Fright) and Kydoimos (Din of War), attendants of Ares, the sons of war; they too experienced what Ares did, after Hephaistos had not been frightened by them." [N. When Ares tried to fetch Hephaistos to Olympos to release Hera from the throne, the prize for this labour being the hand of Aphrodite in marriage, which Hephaistos claimed for himself.] On the Francois vase (C6th BC Athenian Black Figure) Hera is depicted trapped on the throne with her hands raised helplessly, as Ares, who has failed, sits in a humble pose with Athena looking scornfully at him.

Meanwhile Dionysos, enters, leading the mule on which Hephaistos is seated, to Aphrodite who stands waiting as the prize of marriage.

ARES The god of war had a long love affair with Aphrodite which lasted for the duration of her marriage to Hephaistos and beyond.

She bore him four divine sons: Eros, Anteros, Deimos, Phobos; and a daughter: Harmonia.

APHRODITE was the Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

This page describes the goddess' sexual liaisons with various gods.

She bore him a son, the godling Hermaphroditos (and some say Eros).

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They [Hera and Athene] entered the courtyard and paused below the veranda of the room where the goddess slept with her lord and master." "Kypris [Aphrodite], the goddess of desire, had done her sweet work in their hearts [and mated the visiting Argonauts with the widowed women of Lemnos]. The whole city [of Lemnos] was alive with dance and banquet. spoke to her husband, Volcanos [Hephaistos], as they lay in their golden bed-chamber, breathing into the words all her divine allurement [persuading him to forge armour for her son Aeneas in Latium] . Of a sudden he caught the familiar spark and felt the old warmth darting into his marrow, coursing right though his body, melting him; just as it often happens a thunderclap starts a flaming rent which ladders the dark cloud, a quivering streak of fire.

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