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She’s very relatable and I hope it will resonate with a lot of my generation.’ What was it like on set?

‘We’re all such good friends, it doesn’t feel like work.

The E4 superhero smash has picked up nods in four categories, and as we're big fans here at Tube Talk, we can't argue with that! It's so flattering, and I think we're so proud of the show.

We spotted Antonia Thomas (Alisha) at the recent BAFTA Nominees Party, so we collared her by the canapés for a two-minute chat. It's just so nice that the industry and the general public has recognised it as something that's a bit of fun." The show keeps getting better and better. But I think, as I say, credit to Howard Overman's writing, he's a clever man and I think he'll find ways to fill the void and find new characters to take his place." You've got Rudy coming, played by Joe Gilgun. Simon's probably one of the characters who's developed the most over the series - will we see him continue to change in the new episodes? Obviously he needs to finish that journey to becoming the Superhoodie character. And also to kind of try and make the present Simon become the future Simon, if you know what I mean - have all those little beats where you can show a little flicker of it...

This could see him pursuing a relationship with Claire, or it could see him dating Carly after asking her out in the last episode.

Speaking more in-depth about what will happen in The Good Doctor season three, Shore said: “One of the things I love about this show is that things that appear to be little moments to the rest of us are huge moments to Shaun.“He’s asking a girl out.

When Dylan discovers that he has chlamydia, he decides to directly get in touch with all his previous lovers.

Dylan's two BFFs, Luke and Evie, are present while he's telling the tale, and are also featured in the flashbacks as well.

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